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Pegging Area not Found !!

I am trying to run the APO availability check simulation.
I have built Product substitution rules in the rule maintenance .Wanted to simulate a ATP check for my product /Location,
After entering Product location, Check mode, and F8, I get an information popup saying Pegging area was not found for <Product>, <Location>

Has anybody come across such a message. If yes, please let me know how to get this solved.

Execute the consistency check transaction /SAPAPO/OM17

Thanks a lot. But unfortunately, it does not work. When I say  /SAPAPO/OM17, I get the error,

This function is not possible . Any idea why this occurs.  I am working on APO 3.1 .

Test putting "/n" before the transaction. Ex. /n/sapapo/om17
Remember that in APO you must put "/n" before all transactions on the transactions window.

I ran the check for Planning version 000, and got the message consistent. However the materials for which i try to simulate GATP using RBA, are not part of planning version 000.  hence , I went to /SAPAPO/MAT1 txn and tried creating planning version 000 for my product after assigning the same to model 000.

However I get an error saying, 'No simulation parameters could be set for active version'
Message no. /SAPAPO/MAT031

By default all locations and products created are assigned to the active version '000'. You have to assign only the model. If you have simulation version(s), then you have to assign it to that version.

Yes, Thanks a lot. The problem is solved finally .

By default the system create the product to the active version ( 000 ). Run the consistency to your planning area.

How do you solve the problem?

Actually earlier, I had tried to simulate GATP without assigning it to the model 000. Hence , I guess the system was unable to determine a pegging area .
Then I assigned to the model 000 and internally Product location, as u said was created for Planning version 000.
Now I ran the check and there were no inconsistencies.
I was able to simulate GATP also successfully.

My Understanding:
We can simulate GATP for a product location only if it is assigned to
the active model.
Correct me if I'm wrong.

That is correct.   GATP only works with planning version 000.

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