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SAP ABAP Programming, Functional and Basis Components Books

Prevent user from submitting the same jobname ZXXX twice

tables:  tbtco.

data: t_jobcnt(1) type n,
      t_sdluname like tbtco-sdluname,
      t_strtdate like tbtco-strtdate,
      t_strttime like tbtco-strttime.

select * from tbtco where jobname  = 'ZXXX'
                      and strtdate = sy-datum
                      and status   = 'R'.
    t_jobcnt = t_jobcnt + 1.
    if t_jobcnt = 1.
       t_sdluname = tbtco-sdluname.
       t_strtdate = tbtco-strtdate.
       t_strttime = tbtco-strttime.
if sy-subrc = 0.
   if t_jobcnt < 1.
       message e123 with t_sdluname 'have execute the program on'
                         t_strtdate t_strttime.

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