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Question : Subject :  Exchanging data between SAP and Lotus Notes

Dear All,

I need to work on the above. Any tips or feedback from you will be appreciated -
what tools / scripts do you use, where can i find good documentation / examples / books etc ?

Thanks in advance!

Reply : Subject :  Exchanging data between SAP and Lotus Notes


Yes it is possible to exchange data between SAP and Lotus Domino server.

If ur requirement is to view sap mails from SAP inbox from Lotus Domino server then do the following,

1. Download the lotus connector from lotus web site. it is available free on the internet.

2. This connector u have to configure on the lotus server.

3. The connector uses rfc connection to have communicaiton between sap and lotus.

4. Entire documentaion is available with the connector itself.

5. U just have to restart the lotus domino server (R5 in my case).

hope this gives u some idea about integration.


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