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Question : Subject : BDC FAQ

Dear Friends:

1.How to handle errors in call transaction method and session method.

2.where can i get good examples of call transaction & session method in sap r/3 system,on internet or in books?

3. What is the criteria to select call transaction method or session method for data upload?

All your answers will be greatly appreciated.


Reply : Subject : BDC FAQ

You can try this code to handle your BDC errors and display the corresponding error messages:

if session ne 'X'.
   call transaction tcode using itab_bdc mode 'N' UPDATE 'S' MESSAGES INTO i_errors.

* N - no display
* E - errors only
* A - display ALL screens
elseif session = 'X'.
   call function 'BDC_INSERT'
            tcode = tcode
                   dynprotab = itab_bdc
                   internal_error = 1
                   not_open = 2
                   queue_error = 3
                   tcode_invalid = 4
                   printing_invalid = 5
                   posting_invalid = 6
                   others = 7

    if sy-subrc <> 0. "Unsuccessful
       loop at i_errors.
           MESSAGE ID i_errors-msgid TYPE i_errors-msgtyp NUMBER
            i_errors-msgnr WITH i_errors-msgv1 i_errors-msgv2
            i_errors-msgv3 i_errors-msgv4 INTO i_error_messages-message.

             append i_error_messages.

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