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ABAP/4 - Functions, SAPscript, ALV

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Useful SAP ABAP Functions code examples, SAPscripts hints and tips and a simple ALV example code.

Table of Contents
Function module
Create a Directory in the user local hardisk
READ_TEXT functions
BDC_INSERT functions
ENQUE_SLEEP - Delay command
Let user select the download file name in their PC local drive
Displaying the progress bar indicator
Drawing Graph with ABAP
Call Microsoft Word from ABAP
Generate Random Number
FTP from SAP

Uploading/Downloading files
Upload direct from Excel files
WS_UPLOAD functions
WS_DOWNLOAD functions
Reading and Writing a text file from and to the application server
Upload/Download ABAP program with Title/Text Elements

SAP Script
Upload/Download SAP Scripts To/From PC
SAP Script - calling SAP layout set from ABAP/4
Print TIF image in SAP Script
Convert SAP Script to Text (OTF)
Additional changed features for Purchase Order Layout sets

Spool Requests
Convert Spool request to PDF
Immediately send the spool to SAP user after a background run
Download large spools request
Duplex printing in SAP

SAP Mail
Send mail via ABAP functions SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1
Sending External Mail via ABAP
Exchanging data between SAP and Lotus Notes

ABAP List Viewer
ALV Basic Sample
ALV Sample Code - Group
ALV Simple Sample Code
ALV Material List