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SAP ABAP Programming, Functional and Basis Components Books

Reading and Writing a text file from and to the application server

* sy-subrc = 0              Record read from file
* sy-subrc = 4              End of file reached

data:  w_dataset1(27) value '/var/textfile.txt',
          w_dataset2(27)  value '/var/outfile.txt'.

data:begin of itab1 occurs 0,         "Text file format
           matnr(18),      "MATERIAL NUMBER
           bwkrs(4),       "PLANT
       end of itab1.

*Uploading of text file from Application server.
open dataset w_dataset1 for input in text mode.
              if sy-subrc <> 0.
              read dataset w_dataset1 into itab1.
             append itab1.
             clear itab1.
close dataset w_dataset1.

*Downloading of text file to Application server.
open dataset w_dataset2 for output in text mode.
loop at itable.
    transfer itable to w_dataset2.
close dataset w_dataset2.

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