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SAP Lock Entries

If there is a sudden power failures, some of the users update entries might still be locked.

You can check or release the locked entries using transaction SM12.

You can check the lock entries of individual users or key an * at the user name to check all the users lock entries.

The lock entry list shows you the users who is locking the entry, the time when the lock was initiated, the table that was locked as well as the locked records.

If possible, asked the user to logoff first before deleting the locked.entries.

For locking individual transactions code,used SM01.  Putting a tick at the Locked columns will prevent allusers from using the transactions code.

To lock individual user goto transactionSU01.  Click the Lock/Unlock button.

To lock multiple users (ver 4.6x)

RSUSR006 - List of UsersMaster Records Locked Due to Incorrect Logon

List of all Users Locked

In 4.6x, you can used the SAP standard lock/unlockprogram EWULKUSR ortransaction EWZ5.

For 3.0x, you have to write your own ABAP program.

A sampleABAP program to Mass Lock/Unlock SAP 3.0x users.

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