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SAP Menu / Jobs / Spools / User Defaults / Transports / Statistics
Table of Contents

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Find the menu path for the transaction
Creating a Customized Main Menu
SAP Help

Schedule Background Job without selection parameters
Schedule Manager
Background Job Status
Change the variants or SAP Printers of scheduled background jobs

User Defaults
Decimals Format
Time Zone Definition Problems

Send a spool request to your SAP users office folders Inbox
Control automessage sent to users mailbox
Deleting Output Messages
SPAD - Spool Administration - Print to a dot matrix printer using computer paper with 66 lines 
Create a new font type with the spool administrator (SPAD)
Print to Windows default printers

Stats file full
Statistics for transactions and programs
Development Class Changed for SAP Scripts/ABAP Programs
Find out who create a change request
Transporting Objects / Standard Text
Import patches from sapserv

SAP Hot Package
Support packages testing