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Transaction Variants

You can hide unwanted screens and fields in any of the standard SAP programs without changing any of the standard programs.

Steps :-

Transaction SHD0 - Create a variant for the required transaction bychanging the layout through hiding fields and screens.

Transaction SE93 - Create a variant transaction (e.g. for VA02 you canname it as ZA02).  Next allocate the transaction variant to this varianttransaction.

Create and change the Zxxx area menu with the new transaction variant. In this way, the user does have to remembers any extra transaction codes.

In 4.6c, you can default your transaction variant as the standard variant. (SHD0 - Edit -> Activate/Deactivate asstandard variant)

An example for using transaction variant (restricting the field displayfor CO11N - Goods movement) :-

If you want to restrict changes to the fields in Goods movement forone group of users.

1.  Create a transaction variant for CO11N
2.  Create a new transction code for the transaction variant and assign an authorization object to it
3.  Divide the users into this two transaction code. Those who can change the field using CO11N.  For those that have limited
     field change, give them the authorizationfor ZCO11 (this is a new transaction code you have to create).

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