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SAP Basis Components, Functional and ABAP Programming Books

Change the SAP Logo and direct connection using SAPGUI


Change the animated little water mark up inthe top right hand corner.

C:\Program Files\SAPpc\SAPGUI\themes\default\sapalogo.bmp

Connecting direct to application server withusing the SAP Logon

Use the Windows Start -> Find - File to locate the sapgui.exe files.

Create an Icon and type in the command :-

"C:\Program Files\SAPpc\sapgui\sapgui.exe" /H/applServ/S/sapdp00

applServ refers to your SAP hostname

Change the logo image on the right hand side.

Transaction codeSMW0
X - Binary data for WebRFC application
Hit Enter
Click Execute
Click Settings -> Maintain MIME types
Click the Create button
Fill in :- TYPE : image/gif       EXTENSION : .GIF
Click Save
Click Back to the Binary data for WebRFC
Click Create
Fill in :- Obj. name : ZXXXX.GIF Description : Company Logo
Click Import and specify the filename where your GIF file is located.File type is BIN. Finish press the Transfer button.
If successful, your logo will be shown in the Binary data for WebRFC.
Transaction codeSM30 - Table/View - SSM_CUST
Click Maintain
Click New Entries
Name                     Value to be set
Logoff and Login again

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