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Activate/Deactivate GuiXT

This is possible with Sapgui 4.6D (Patch 103)

Within windows there now exists a file called the 'Registry', this is where all the information needed to control Windows is held.  (It corresponds to the old WIN.INI and SYS.INI along with any other application INI files)

This file is essential to the operation of your PC. Making changes to this file can in some circumstances result in your PC either failing to work properly or not working at all.

Having said that,

Click Start
Select Run
Enter RegEdit and click Ok

First, backup the registry in case you mess something up.

Click 'Registry'->'Export Registry File'

Enter a file name to save the registry to.

Open the folder HKEY_CURRENT_USER and then the sub folders 'Software', 'SAP' etc all the way down to 'SAPGUI Front/SAP Frontend Server/Administration'

If you do not see 'DisappearItems', click 'Edit->New->String Value' with a value of 'DisappearItems'

Click on this new key and then add the values as suggested below.

If this variable exists already with some other menu entries, you can add the new entry "Activate GuiXT" at the end separated by ';', e.g. "Generate graphic;Activate GuiXT".

Save everything and exit regedit.

Click somewhere in the Windows without any Icons and Press F5 to Refresh or reboot your machine.

The user will then no longer be able to activate or to deactivate GuiXT. If GuiXT should always be active, you have to set the variable "GuiXT" in :
HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/SAP/SAPGUI Front/SAP Frontend Server/Customize,
click 'Edit->New->Binary Value' with a value of 1.

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