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SAP Statistics for transactions and programs

The performance monitor collector starts several reports that are executed once an hour. These reports collect statistics on your SAP System, including report RSSTAT83, the workload collector, which provides the statistics for the workload monitor (Transaction ST03N for SAP version 4.6x).

SAP version 3.x

You can display a log of the performance monitor collector to ensure that the reports were started successfully. You can also check when these reports were started.

To know how many users are viewing and maintaining a particular transaction use transaction ST03

The SAP standard retention period is 3 months.  You can change the Standard Statistics via clicking :-

Goto -> Parameters -> Performance Database

To analyze the Statistics by users for transactions and programs use transaction STAT

STAT looks at the STAT file created by each SAP Instance.

It is by default 100 MB.  Every hour there is a COLLECTOR_FOR_PERFORMANCE job RSCOLL00 aggregating this data into MONI table.  It will truncate STAT file once the specified  limit is reached.

So, you can see details for however many days in this 100 MB using STAT, or ST03 to see the MONI aggregated data.

To change the 100 MB limit, ST03 -> Goto -> Parameters -> Performance Database.

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