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SAP Basis Components, Functional and ABAP Programming Books

Create a new font type with the spool administrator (SPAD)

Tested in 4.6x

e.g. HPLJ4 Print Controls                                           CPI
1B28304E1B28733070323168307330623430393954   21
1B28304E1B28733070313768307330623430393954   17
1B28304E1B28733070313568307330623430393954   15
1B28304E1B28733070313268307330623430393954   12
1B28304E1B28733070313068307330623430393954   10
1B28304E1B28733070303868307330623430393954    8
1B28304E1B28733070303668307330623430393954    6

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