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Question : Subject : Support packages testing

Hello Everyone,

We have successfully upgraded the SAP40B support packages from SAPKH40B36 to SAPKH40B79 on DEV system.

We are planning to put the corrections and support packs on TST soon. But do we need to request for users testing in the TST environment. I don't think the users will be ready to any TST for this upgrade.

If they are ready for this, what could be the possibilities for solution. We take long time to test it?.

Will it be good idea to apply 10 at a time and test and implement. This very hard in SAP 40B becasue the changes under one support pack will more because it has lot more rel. note changes. (compare to 46X environment).

Please advice.

Thank ypou,

Reply : Subject : Support packages testing

Steve, I don't quiet understand your question. I assume you are trying to find out if it right to apply batch by batch and if you need to have users test before proceeding, right? We usually apply no more than 12 lcp and 5 hp the most. In that case, before I apply them to dev, users/functional analysts review and analys all the changes contained in the patches. Next I apply them (one at a time) and at the end, they take abut 1 week to test on dev (since it's the smaller system), before I apply them to QA. All my modifications are done by abapers in form of transport which I import to QA after I have applied them there. Hope =
this helps. It all depends on amount of changes found by your patch reviewers, if you feel there are alot do them in 2 events.

Reply : Subject : Support packages testing

Thank you for the reply.

1. I ahve applied the packages in one ladnscape from 29 to 72, because they are very behind of lates pack.

The PRD is okay with out any problems. Since I have applied many packs, we have requested users core group
to do the same daily activities in TST they does in PRD for 3 days. They did the same and we are okay on

My questions is >>

We have a diff landscape where users not interested in doing the things we requested as above.the alternative way is find the each and every pack rel. note and test the same. Which will take nbumber of days to do it for number of packs. Which is not
recommended. Is there any alternate way?.

2. Does every one go thorugh users acceptence test for support pack upgrade?.

we do apply the SPC regularly in all landscapes. we have not done on 2 of the landscapes due to some reasons, I don't know.

Thank you.

Reply : Subject : Support packages testing

Unfortunately, the safest way to do this is also the longest way (testing the notes). If you don't, somewhere down the road you will bump into problems because not everything is going to surface and be discovered up front and at once. We have a process which users use to do this and takes about 2 weeks each time we do patches. There is no alternatives that is offered that I know.       Does anybody else???

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