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Question : Subject : Copy table contents


What is the transaction to copy table contents from one client to another?

If there any other way to accomplish the copy?


Reply : Subject : Copy table contents

I think is this one:


Reply : Subject : Copy table contents

See Note 0001942 . You can do it at OS Level.

1) Generate a control file:
source client  ...
target client  ...
select * from yyy # for individual tables

2) R3trans -w <Log file> -u 1 <control file>

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Reply : Subject : Copy table contents


Use the following procedure to copy table contents between two clients:

After verifying the client copy log, due to some storage probslems in table MOFF, this table could not be completely copied. To avoid having to perform the whole client copy process, just hte entries on table MOFF from the source client will be copied to the table MOFF on the target client 010 in thte target system T12.

1. In the source system (C12), create a control file, for example, expmoff.ctrl with the following contents:

export client
select * from moff where mandt = '002".

2. Run the R3trans utility with the previous control file:

R3trans -w expmoff.log -u 18 expmoff.ctrl

The -w flag indicates the log file, the -u flag sets unconditional modes for the transport.  In the export phonase, unconditional mode 1 indicates the system to ignore the wrong status of transport requests.
Mode 8 allows direct selection of tables when the default modes are not allowed. By default, the previous command generates the data file trans.dat in the directory where the export has been executed.  If both source and target systems share the transport directory, it wont be necessary to copy the trans.dat file.  Otherwise you must use ftp.

3. Check the export log file, expmoff.log and verify it did not contain any errors.

4.  Once in the target system, create the import control file, for example impmoff.ctrl with the following content: import client

5.  Then execute it with the R3trans tool: R3trans -w impmoff.log -u 248 impmoff.ctrl

By default it uses the data file trans.dat generated by the previous commnad file.  The unconditional modes used in the import phase are :

2 for enabling the overwriting of the original, 4 which ignores that the transport request was intended for a different target system, and

8 which allows for importing tables which are restricted by their table types.  If you use the default options for the import, you do not need a control file.

The import can be performed directly with R3trans -i <file>.

6.  Check the import log file, impmoff.log to check that the import runs fine without errors.  You can also log on to the target client,  010, in the target system and look up the table contents with se16.

I hope this help.

Reply : Subject : Copy table contents

You can also achieve this with a transport request, Object T3TR.TABU.<Table Name> and then double click and add the Key <Table name>.*

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