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Question : Subject : Loading Transactional Data

Good day,

I am trying to load tranx data into the PSA for infocube 0HR_PA_OS_1, my problem is that the request runs 7 hours and then fails with the error "Processing is overdue". Is there anyway I can have a look on the R/3 side if the job is actually doing something ? I have tried that but we are using aleremote and I don't know which is my job. Is there anyway to link my job I started on BW to the PID on R/3 ?

Thank you

Reply : Subject : Loading Transactional Data

Try running the extractor checker RSA3 and see if any records are actually extracted ion R/3 side


Reply : Subject : Loading Transactional Data


First thing to do is to use transaction RSA3 in SAP R/3 for the data source in question and execute to see if the extractor is working in first place.  If you manage to see the output, the error is more in transmission of records.

Second, is to look at the IDOC lists in R/3 ( transaction we07). If there are any application or basis errors, it will be listed as error IDOCs, you can use this to find the error.

Third, execute the extraction using the infopackage and log into R/3 using your normal user id and jump to transaction sm50 or sm51 (depending on no. of servers) and monitor the process for user "aleremote". you will notice the process progress. If the read is very slow, depending on the database there could be number of simple performance enhancers which Basis can help
you with.

Fourth, make sure the network connection between R/3 and BW is OK.

Fifth, if everything is alright and docs arrive in PSA and if it takes long time in PSA, then it is a pure PSA update issue. Have you checked the shortdump overview (ST22 ) or read the system log "SM21" ? This should give you clues.

Hope this helps

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