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Question : Subject : Standard Infocubes for SD

Hi all,

In the SAP BW Standard business content the Infocubes related to Sales & Distribution refer to LIS as datasources.
Our R/3  OLTP system is not configured for LIS updates and non of the LIS in OLTP is activated for the data.

Now we have 2 options -
1. Modify the OLTP system for Activation of LIS and then use them as datasource.
2. Create generic datasource and custom defined Infocubes.

My question is  -
1.  How much efforts will be required for activation and configuration of LIS in R/3 OLTP
We are currently on 4.0B R/3 system and system has data for last 2 years .

2. By opting for 2nd option I loose the advantage of Delta upload capability of BW but I save on modifying efforts of R/3 OLTP system.

Any suggestions/comments on both these approaches will be highly appreciated.


Reply : Subject : Standard Infocubes for SD

Use BW specific LIS information structures s260, s261 & s262.
These are BIW specific info. structures and only thing that u need to do

Is perform statistical update in SBIW before pulling data in BW.

Reply : Subject : Standard Infocubes for SD

Have you considered the new extractors for SD-data (Sources 2LIS_11_VAHDR etc.)?

This extractor does not require LIS to be activated, nor any knowledge of LIS (big advantage).
I'm currenlty installing these extractors, and find them to be a reliable source that are easy to get running.

Do however take some days to find out the logic behind it.

Good luck!

Reply : Subject : Standard Infocubes for SD

If you are using BW 2.0b or higher you can use infosource 2LIS_13_VDITM, this does not requiere any LIS configuration.

You have to activate it using tx SBIW.

If you need more information don doubt to ask.


Reply : Subject : Standard Infocubes for SD

BW 2.0B business content for SD contains both LIS and standard infosources (LO Delta). The only purpose of providing LIS infsources is that you could do your first data load (full) using LIS structures and then start delta loading via LO Delta method. or you can totally ignore LIS infosources and use LO init/delta infocources (names start like this 2LISxxxxxxx), which is
better and easy. Refer to BW documentation and also there is white paper on SD extraction procedures.....


Reply : Subject : Standard Infocubes for SD


You do not need to activate any LIS structures.

Use transaction LBWE (logistics cockpit). Here you will find extractstructures in the logistics area. You are able (with developers key) to enhance the extract structures. Afterwards you should regenerate the DataSources, activate the extract structure.

Via SBIW you can initialise the extract structures per application area with historical data and check the results via transaction RSA7.


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