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Question : Invalid source system name entered

I'm trying to create an ODS object for the first time. I can drag key
fields and data fields without any problem - I have also created
infocubes in this system without any problem -

I do a check on the ODS object and receive "ODS object ACTCTODS is
consistent" all green lights

However when I try to do "active" I receive a red light -
"Invalid source system name entered"

How and where do I create a valid source system in an ODS?

For the infocube I have one but that is in the "Source
Systems" area and not in the "Data Targets" where I'm trying to create the ODS?

Thank you for your help.

Reply : Invalid source system name entered

Make sure that a BW source system has been set properly in
the Source system tab of Admin Workbench. Bw system, should be created
as a source system of itself. If this has already been created, Rt click
and do a check on the BW source system (in Source system tab). Ask basis to
correct errors if any.

This should resolve the ODS activation problem.


Reply : Invalid source system name entered

Thank you for your reply - I have checked the tab and Rt clicked and
everything seems O.K on "Source Systems" - I can create Infocubes with the
Source System but not a ODS - any ideals??????

Reply : Invalid source system name entered

Here's a possible reason. When an ODS object is activated, BW automatically
generates an export datasource with the name 8<name of ODS object>. This
datasource has a source system and a target system. Apparently, something is
wrong with the source system name, which can be either MYSELF or the name
associated with your active client in table T000. If the generation of the
export datasource fails, the ODS object cannot be activated.

The following are possible causes of the activation failure of an export
* authorizations for ODS are ok but not for the datasource (check transaction SU53)
* export datasource cannot be generated because of inconsistent system name

There are some OSS notes on naming inconsistencies in BW systems. As a
result of client copies, inconsistencies can occur between
* RFC destinations (check transaction SM59)
* logical system names (check table TBDLS)
* the logical system your BW system knows itself by (check table T000)
* the logical system connected with the MYSELF system

If your BW is the result of a system or database copy, did you call
transaction BDLS?

My best advice is to search OSS with the keyword MYSELF.

Best regards,

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