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Delta Update for Generic Data Sources

If you are are using BW 2.0b, and you need to create generic data sources but the problem is you cannot update the infocube with delta update only can be done with full update.

If the source table has a time stamp (last modified), you can easily implement a pseudo-delta datasource with ABAP Query that selects all entries where stamp > time_of_last_extraction and writes the current time into a customer table so that it can be used as time of last extraction in the next load.

Genuine delta enabled datasources for transactional data require some hacking.

You can write the data to a RFC queue named BW<client><datasource name> and hack table ROOSOURCE.

In a CRM system you will find generic function modules that are able to extract data from these queues, generate extraction programs, and so forth. Look out for SMOX* function modules.

If you can't do that because you're working with a different release and/or application, look at entries in ROOSOURCE with extraction method F1, datasource type TRAN, and delta type AIM*. The field "Extractor" contains the function module used for extraction. Look at the way the standard datasource works and copy everything you need.

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