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Removing Excel Macros After Saving as Excel Workbook

Is there any way to remove the macros from a BEX query after you save it as a native Excel workbook?

In other words the results are saved in native Excel but then when you use your right mouse click for the context menus it still shows the BEX function menu instead of the Excel menus.  For example suppose I highlight some cells and then right-click I don't see the standard

Excel context menus like format cells.  I still see the BEX functions.  I know I can use the Excel menus at the top, but I would like to eliminate the BEX functions so that the spreadsheet operates just like a native Excel workbook.

Any ideas?

You can eliminate the BEX menu on right mouse click:
SAP BEX Menu / Setting / OLAP Functions with right-click.

Also, you can detach the result from the query:
SAP BEX Menu / Tools / All queries in Workbook / Detach.

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