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SAP Functional, Basis Components, and ABAP Programming Books

Cost Center/Profit Center Accounting

OKE5 - Controlling Settings

KE59 - Create Dummy Profit Center

OKA2 - Maintain Cost Center Categories

OKEG - Maintain Time-based Fields

OKEI - Define the Time Based Fields for Activity Types

KL01 - Create Activity Types

KS01 - Maintain Cost Center

KK01 - Maintain Statistical Key Figures

KA06 - Maintain Allocation Cost Elements

KCAU - Determine Asscessment Receiver Type

KSW1 - Define Periodic Repostings

KSV1 - Defin Distribution

KSU1 - Define Assessment

KP34 - Create User Defined Planning Profiles

OKB9 - Maintain Automatic Account Assignment

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