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SAP Basis Components, Functional and ABAP Programming Books

Functional Areas

It organize your business for cost of sales accounting.  It allow you to segregate and classify different types of costs within one expense account.  For e.g. a single labour account to determine what amount of labour is spent directly on production as compare to sales or hr.

OKBD - Maintain Functional Area

GGB1 - Maintain Functional Area Subsititions

Subsititions replace and fill in field values behind the scenes without the users knowledge.  It is activated at the company code level.

For e.g.    Subsitiution  BAA         Step  001


Field                Constant value
Profit center      P1234

If condition is met field Profit center will be replaced with P1234.

GS01 - Creating a set for FUNCTAREA

From Value     To Value
10000              12000

OBBZ - Prepare Cost of Sales Accounting

CC     CallPnt   Validation    Description                        Activtn Level
0001      5          BAA                                                                  1

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