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SAP Functional, Basis Components, and ABAP Programming Books

Copy G/L Accounts Master records from one client to another

Tested in 4.6x

OBY2 - Copy Company code

RFBISA20 - Copy G/L Account Master Data from Source Company Code: Send

Allows you to copy G/L accounts from one company code to another within a client.   The files is first written to the application server of the clients.

When you are ready to send the G/L accounts to the clients in the other environments, the Basis people must transfer the file to the proper path on the application server for that environment.

After the file have been created, run the program :-

RFBISA20 - Copy G/L account master data in target company code: Receive

This program is run in the client in which you are transferring the G/L accounts.

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