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Question : Subject : Different Account Codes For Credit Memo

Hello Guru's

Please suggest me how we can define the seperate Reversal Account Code for the Sales Return Transaction (credit memo) in comparisson to original sales invoice acctg doc with the following conditions:

1. Sales Order will be raised for "Return Delivery" (RE Type Order) with reference to Original Sales Invoice Document No. Therefore, all the data will be copied from the sales invoice to sales order for Return Delivery including Pricing Procedure/Conditions.

2. Account Key is defined agst. Condition type for Automatic Account Determination therefore account codes are determined on the basis of account keys in condition type.

Problem is

Say four lines in Accounting Doc are there in Original Sales Invoice
Line 1 : Sales Revenue A/C
line 2 : Excise Tax A/c
Line 3 : Sales Tax A/c
Line 4 : Customer A/c

At the time of raising the Credit Memo to Customer agst the "Return Delivery" Sales Order, system is reversing the same accounting document using the same account codes for taxes and sales revenue which were used in original sales invoice accounting doc.

Our requiremnt is that Line 1 to 3 for revenue and taxes we want to post in different account code instead of posting to same account code used in original sales invoice acctg doc.

Please tell me how it could be possible WITHOUT changing the "Pricing Procedure/Condition" (as used in original sales order) in the Return Delivery Sales Order.

Reply : Subject: Different Account Codes For Credit Memo

Copy the original pricing procedure and change the account keys and GL accounts u need to assign for the returns... and assign this new pricing procedure to the return billing... I think this will work... actually the conditions in both the pricing procedure are same... this may work... check up...

Thanks & Regards,

Reply : Subject: Different Account Codes For Credit Memo

here is a suggestion.  i also used ke30 today for the first time.  i found the value fields to be set up the same as in the PA Transfer Structure found thru: IMG-Controlling-Product Cost Controlling-PA Transfer Structure.  I had to set these up because we went live on CO-PA well after we went live on R/3.

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