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Question : Subject : Balance Sheet and P&L Statement

We have a requirement for Balance Sheet and P&L Statement at Plant level. Can some one suggest a better and efficient way of doing this. We r already exploring the use of Business area as well as to configure each plant as one company code. Is it possible to get complete Balance sheet by transferring all Balance Sheet items to Profit Center accounting?


Reply : Subject : Balance Sheet and P&L Statement


I suggest you create profit centers for each plant and then see if that fulfils your requirements. Business Areas are cumbersome and much cannot be achieved throught that.


Reply : Subject : Balance Sheet and P&L Statement


Do keep in mind that if you refer to a legal b/s then the only way out is to have separate company codes. If on the other hand it is an internal b/s then you can consider bus. areas / profit centers.


Reply : Subject : Balance Sheet and P&L Statement

Currently using business areas and it's more trouble than what it's worth.
I'd sincerely suggest use profit centre instead, besides it will pay off in the long run as I don't foresee SAP supporting BA for very much longer

Reply : Subject : Balance Sheet and P&L Statement

Yes, I agree to use profit center as PCA is much flexible than BA especially for the automcatic posting to BA such as revaluation. A lot of subsitution and validation rule for BA.
But be careful the setting for PCA B/S item since that one is controlling area level, not company code level, especially you are using craoss company code profit center. AR/AP has to be very careful for PCA posting, as system will look at the offsetting account profit center to derive AR/AP profit center. For example,

DR. Customer A $ 700
DR. Customer B $ 500
Cr T/O (profit center A) $600
Cr T/O (profit center B) $ 600

In this case, system cannot determine how much in Account receivable for customer A in profit center A

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