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SAP AR (Account Receivable), SAP AP (Account Payable) and SAP AA (Asset Accounting)

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Table of Contents
Account Receivable
The SAP Accounts Receivable application component records and administers accounting data of all customers. It is also an integral part of sales management.

Interest Calculations Procedure
Billing - Release to Accounting - Error Message Posting period is not open
Reason Code for Overpayment/Underpayment
Automatic Postings for residual or G/L postings
Customer Tolerances
Credit Management FI
Credit Management SD
Customer Account Groups
VA88 - sales Order Settlement
Different Account Codes For Credit Memo

Account Payable
The SAP Accounts Payable application component records and administers accounting data for all vendors. It is also an integral part of sales management: Deliveries and invoices are managed according to vendors. The system automatically makes postings in response to the operative transactions. In the same way, the system supplies the Cash Management application component with figures from invoices in order to optimize liquidity planning.

House Bank
Check number used for payments
Configure Payment Program
Enter Invoice
Vendor Master Fields control
Vender Account Group
Vendor Number Range
Voiding a Cheque/Check
FBL1 - Display Vendor Line Items - Configure the line item settings
Monthly fixed amount payment
Reused common GL Account Posting (transaction F-02)
If a customer is also a vendor
Payment Terms Plus No. of days/Months
Check the clearing of GR/IR account
Clearing in Local Currency
Automatic Exchange Gain/Loss for Vendor
Print cheques thru F-58 (post & print) option
Copy Vendor Code Master from One Company Code to Another

Asset Accounting
The SAP Asset Accounting (FI-AA) component is used for managing and supervising fixed assets with the SAP R/3 System. In SAP R/3 Financial Accounting, it serves as a subsidiary ledger to the FI General Ledger, providing detailed information on transactions involving fixed assets.

Rules for posting depreciation
Changing the YTD depreciation
Transfer of Fixed Asset
No depreciation for a period of time
Asset with zero depreciation