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SAP Functional, Basis Components, and ABAP Programming Books

If a customer is also a vendor

You can have the payment program and the dunning program clear customer and vendor open items. You can also select the vendor line items, when you display the customer line items for this account.
Before you can clear between a customer and vendor account, you must:

1. Create a customer master record for the vendor that is also a customer.
2. Enter the vendor account number in the Vendor field in the control section of the general data in the customer master record.
3. Enter the customer account number in the Customer field in the control section of the general data in the vendor master record.
4. Click in the box next to the Clrg with vend. field or Clrg with cust. field (this field will appear in the Automatic Components payment transactions section, only after Vendor field in the control section have been keyed) in the company code data in both the customer and vendor master records. In this way, each company code can decide separately whether it wants to clear the customer with the vendor.

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