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SAP HR (Human Resources) Hints and Tips

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The SAP HR system caters to every possible business solution that your enterprise asks for and is very much recommended ERP for Large Multinational concerns as well as medium sized enterprises.  SAP has an impressive and impeccable integration among its different modules like HR, FI/CO, SD, MM, PP etc., and among its different sub components in different modules.

The module comes complete with the most advanced computer-assisted tools for guiding through the implementation process from first analysis to customizing to performance evaluation of the working system.  There are two aspects to customizing: Preparing R/3 to integrate with the HR application and adjusting the standard HR system to suit the enterprise.

The process of administering HR-Human Resources module for a SAP R/3 system is conducted by many people who are called Consultants (internal or external).

Table of Contents
SAP Human Resources
HR Transaction Codes
HR Authorizations
Authorisation at wage type level
HRIS - Human Resources Information system
Employee photo upload...Urgent

SAP Payroll
SAP HR Payroll Overview
Staff leaving payroll records
To change IT0003 (Payroll Status)?
Payroll posting when payment methods by check
Import Payroll result from non-SAP system

Deduction Arrears Recovery
Abs filed of CATS time sheet different with ESS time sheet
(IT24) when hiring with ref. personnel number
Weighting and rating of appraisal elements
List of used infotypes
Qualifications Catalog
Employee Name not displaying in Infotype 1 and 17
Benefits Enrollment Problems
How to assign employees to two different company codes?
Help regarding education infotype
Wage Type in Infotype 2010
Running test run of 941 before 1st qtr ends