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Question : Subject : Employee photo upload...Urgent

Dear All,

Once again I am asking for your help.

I am facing a problem of uploading employee photo.
Through OAAD transaction I have created the Business object as PPREL and the Document type as HRICOLFOTO. It has asked me the personnel number and then for the file name but when I gave the file name it has given the status as uploading file.... Afterwards it gave me the warning message as "SAP Archive Link: Storage system A2 not known(Customizing)"When I went to the detailed message it gave me the following:

A request was to be sent to a content server which is not known in SAP
ArchiveLink administration.

Procedure for system administration:
Check the function "Content repositories" in Customizing:

Execute function A2

What should I do to overcome this. Thanks in advance.

Thanks and regards,

Reply  : Subject : Employee photo upload...Urgent

You have to create a content repository "A2" or another . You have to follow then next steps :

Create a content repository with storage type FILE archive.
Tcode     OAC0
IMG:      Basis Components  Basis Services  SAP Archive Link  Basic Settings  Maintain content repositories

(Embedded image moved to file: pic00041.pcx)

Swap from display to amend. Select a current entry and 'copy' or just hit 'create'. Then select .

(Embedded image moved to file: pic18467.pcx)

Then fill in the details as below:

Choose a two char name

Set DocArea to be 'Archive Link'

Storage type FILE archive (see Note below on how to get this!)

Choose Version no. 0031

Enter the path name where the photos are to be loaded from. Note this is for loading only. When the photos are linked into the sap system (see later), actually, SAP takes a 'copy' and stores it elsewhere. The path may only need to be entered to 'Arch.path', but entering to all three doesn't seem to hurt.

Note on storage type:

Storage type 'FILE archive' may not be in the dropdown list, and F4 (poss entries) may not work! If this is the case, click on the field Storage type (left mouse button) and then click the right mouse button. Choose Possible entries and a full list of all
possible storage types is shown. FILE archive is entry number 08 and then

Check which content repository (Archive) is linked to document type HRICOLFOTO in object type PREL.
Tcode     OAC3
Table     TOAOM_C
IMG:      Basis Components  Basis Services  SAP Archive Link  Basic Settings  Maintain Links

(Embedded image moved to file: pic06334.pcx)

Set the 'Content R' field to the one you've just set in the step above.
Note the Ret.per. field is the retention period for the photo in MONTHS. (so the default is 833 years and 3 months!)

Now you can link the photo to the employee.

Reply : Subject : Employee photo upload...Urgent

First, you must maintain storage pool. Normally we could maintain at 'Maintain content repositories'. I think your system doesn't support FILE storage type.

But, don't worry. You can follow this step :

1. Maintain view table TOAAR_C, via 'SM31'.   Cross client table displayed as information, forget it
2. In field 'StSytm' you must entered 'A2' as your system need, or anything that you need but you must configure HR Archive link too.
3. In field 'Arch.path' (direct above Spoolpath), entered path in your system, this real path in your operating system. May be you should confirm to your Basis consultant where exactly you could store picture files. So if you enter '/', your file exist at root directory at your UNIX system.
4. Choose 'File store' radio button
5. Just it. Save. and good luck

Note :
This setting doesn't display in 'Maintain content repositories'.

Reply : Subject : Employee photo upload...Urgent

Thanks for your prompt reply. It worked well. Thanks a lot.


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