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Wage Type in Infotype 2010

Question :

I've done customising for wage type in Employee renumeration Info ( I 2010 ).
The IMG Path is Personeel Administration --> Payroll Data --> Employee Renumeration Information.

But when I tried to make transaction. the wage type which I already customise for Infotype 2010, didnt show up. The system giving error like this ' No entry in Table T512Z for wage type 0210".

But when I check for wage type 0210 is already in table T512Z.

How to solve that?

Answer :

The wage type will need to be made permissible for infotype 2010 so if you are checking table t512z the wage type needs to be against infotype 2010.
To actually config this it is in the img path:
Personel Administration --> Payroll Data --> Employee Renumeration Information - -> Wage Types --> Check Wage Type Catalog --> Check entry permissibility per infotype.

Running test run of 941 before 1st qtr ends

Question :

We are on 4.6c now - last year on 4.0b.
Payroll admin is trying to run a test run on qtr ending 03/31/03 before last payroll has been run for this qtr. He's getting nothing. I have checked different dates of doing this for prior year and I have no problem producing report. Does the qtr to report 941's in have to be over before he can run a 941 for that quarter? Why can't he run just a test for it?

Answer :

There could be several reasons why you aren't getting results. Do you have any error messages in your Tax Reporter Log? If there are any errors, they will appear in the log. If you don't have any messages, then display table T5UX1. The system selects employees to be processed from this table for the specified tax company, year.

Also, check these:

1. Are you on, at least LCP 59 or later?
2. Have you processed any other Tax Reporter runs? If so, are they accurate?
3. Are you specifying the correct Tax Company?
4. Are you entering the correct Reporting Period End date?
5. Which deate are you entering for Consider Payroll Results>
6. Are you certain your configuration is correct?
7. On the PU19 screen select Utilities > Check Configuration. This confirms that there are no configuration errors. If it is, then you will receive a message indicating that there are no configuration errors.

There are numerous more reasons but these are common ones. Also go to SAPNET and print off the year end 2002 Tax Reporter User guide if you don't have it. It is a "must" if you're doing any type of Tax Reporter processing. Hope this helps.

Thanks for your help - I checked table T5UX1 and found there were no entries in there but the msg number NA U1611 that
it displayed I got from the msg to run the RPCTRUU6 utility program to rebuild the missing entries. It also said to check a couple other things too, which I did. It worked. Our Payroll Admin was able to veryify the data and everything is fine (for now). I am including this check for next year to see if it has to be rebuilt again as part of the year end issues to review.
Thanks again for your help.

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