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Authorisation at wage type level

Question :

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to determine authorisations by wagetype?

For example:

"Administrator 1" can only input the wagetype "overtime bonus" for the personnel and cannot see or modify any other wagetype

"Administrator 2" can only input the wagetype "Meal reimbursement" for all the personnel and cannot see or modify any other wagetype

Answer :

Try using groupings

Try V_511_B Permissible Wage Type

Thank you both very much for your replies.   It seems to me though that the problem is not at the employee group level as all the employees in the system have the right to have the 2 wagetypes.

It is the payroll administrators who do not have the right, to see or modify both the wagetypes.

They only have the right to see and modify the one that they are responsible for, i.e;

"Administrator 1" can only input and see the wagetype "overtime bonus" and
"Administrator 2" can only input and see the wagetype "Meal reimbursement"

Do you have any other clues?

If you're talking about wage types in IT0014, IT0015, this can be authorized.
In the end wage types in these infotypes are 'subtypes' of IT0014/IT0015, which can be authorized via RP-ORGIN.
You thus have to create a authorization profile per administrator.

Help regarding education infotype

Question :

Can anybody tell me how can i relfect the education attainment of an employee, i mean will i input it in the begda endda? if i do that when i generate report using ad-hoc query i should back track the covering date so that i can output his education data but the consequence is even those withdrawn employee will also be outputted.

Answer :

You will need to use IT0001 or IT0000 to determine the status of the employee.  The dates are not when the employee took the education, but when it was associated with his data.

IT0022 is the infotype for education records.  As Philip says the dates associated with this are the validity dates of the record, not the dates of the education.  So typically the start date of the record will be the end date of the education course and the end date of the record is usually 31-12-9999.  There aren't fields on IT0022 to indicate the dates of the education course itself.  You'd have to use the comments field if this is essential, but then you won't have a way of pulling this out with an ad-hoc

Thanks for the suggestion, i guess i just use one of the field of IT0022 and rename it for the covering date of education attainment.

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