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Benefits Enrollment Problems

Question :

We are configuring Benefits Module in 4.6C. When we try to Enrol an Employee in Benefits via HRBEN0001, no plans are displayed for the employee. Checked up all the administrative parameters (No enrolment period is specified) and Features(BAREA, BENGR, CSTV1, EVTGR, BSTAT, ELIGR) . Is there a Specific Feature that switches on all the Plans? However, we are able to Maintain IT 167 and 168 and attach the plans via PA30. Any suggestions?

Answer :

Have you set the plan types permissions for each adjustment reason in t74HR_?

I have set the plan type permissions in V_74HB_A ( not t74HR_ ) for each adjustment reason. How do I get to t74HR_, just checked up in SM30, says no such table, did u mean some other table?

Typo error. Meant 74HB_A. Another thought watch the dates. Are you enrolling an employee before the validity date of the plan? Or is the default open enrollment period that comes as SAP's standard still active? Is the employee in the employee grouping eligible for benefit plans?

There is usually an error log attached to HRBEN0001 - any hints here?

I have Plans with different Validity Dates. None of them is being displayed for New Enrollment in HRBEN0001. The default open enrollment period is not active, I turned it off. The employee in the employee grouping is eligible and set in the Features. I am not able to move further in testing because I am stuck up at this point.

We are having the same problem with having plans displayed as we are upgrading from 3.1I to 4.6C in the near future.  I've set up adjustment reasons, etc. and cannot see a plan thru enrollment.

Referring to table V_74HB_A via SM30, what do you do in SM30 when you call up that table?  Is there someway to activate this or does something have to be transported?

Thanks for your help,

These are the steps I was using to setup benefits in 4.6c:
-define the eligibility rules for plans, go to IMG  Personnel Admin --> Benefits --> Flexible Admin --> Programs --> Employee Eligibility Define eligibility rules
- define a 'benefit program' per payroll area, go to IMG  Personnel Mgt --> Benefits --> Flexible Admin --> Programs --> Define benefit programs
- define which plans are valid per benefit adjustment reason (i.e. open enrollment, new hires).  Go to IMG  Personnel Admin --> Benefits --> Flexible Admin --> Benefit adjustment reasons --> Define adjustment permissions.  To validate the benefit adjustment reason config, you may execute IMG program Personnel Admin --> Benefits --> Flexible Admin --> Benefit adjustment reasons --> Define adjustment permissions Overview adjustment permissions.  This will give you an overview of plans allowed per adjustment reason. (Transaction HRBEN0055).
- execute HRBEN0001 to test

I do recall when I set up benefits on 4.6C that some features did not generate properly and thre me for a llop because I knew everything was configured that needed to be - if you are in a development environment, try running RPUMKG00 wide open.

You create the permitted plan types by benefit category (medical, insurance, etc) for each adjustment reason/adj grouping, then choose the allowable operations for the adj reason. You then save and transport your configuration to your test client (depending on your specific environment) for testing.

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