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SAP Functional, Basis Components, and ABAP Programming Books

List of used infotypes

Question :

We want a list with all infotypes (+ description) USED in our company. Is there a standard way of retrieving this information?

Answer :

You could find a list of infotypes off the IMG. Are you looking for PA or PD infotypes?

Try RPUAUD00 Infotype Log Documents


T512Z Permitted Wage Types

Qualifications Catalog

Question :

If qualifications are maintained in Qualifications Catalog within PD, how does it get into infotype 24?

Can we maintian qualifications required to do a specific job within OM using any of the 10* infotypes?

What are the advantages of using Qualifications in PA for an employee rather than maintaining it in PD?

How does it transfer to T&E?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer :

In table T77S0 set the PLOGI QUALI-parameter to 'A032 Q' (best guess).
This integrates PA and the PD-qualifications.

This makes it possible to assign Qualifications to Persons via IT0024 which are also stored as relationships within PD.
Better is to use transaction PPPM if you want to assign Qualifications to Persons/Positions/Jobs via PD. [one transaction for defining all possible profiles].
In the background this creates a 1001-infotype.

Using Qualifications has many advantages since SAP has a lot of standard reports for profile matchups, identifying missing qualifications.

Furthermore to make it even more fancy, you can create relationships between Business Even Types and Qualifications.
If a person has a missing qualification, then SAP comes up with a training proposal.
After following a specific event of that B.E.T., SAP automatically assigns the qualification to the person.

It would be better to use the PD profile for this as it best resides here.
It will also make comparisons of Position/Job requirements against ee qualification easier.

You will need to set the switch so that even if u call IT24, it will 'flip' to PD Profiles.

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