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Weighting and rating of appraisal elements

Question :

1. We are implementing Appraisals on 4.6c and we would like to use scales with rating different from 1 equals 1, 2 equals 2, etc. I can not find a place in IMG to define rating/weighting which is different from the standard which is shown while performing Appraisal.
Could anyone help me with this?

2. We would also like to allow managers to leave some of the criteria unevaluated but at the same time to be able to use function Complete appraisal with check which it performs (all required entries should be filled). From the documentation about scales I understood that 0 proficiency in scale can be used (only in Appraisals) for the criteria we don't want to evaluate. When I created 0 proficiency it automatically took it in calculation of average what was not my intention.
What to do?

Answer :

We are implementing appraisals as well.

1. In the appraisal catalog, you can set your weightings/sorting. Expand an appraisal model & select a criteria group and hit Shift+F5; You may also be aware that in appraisals you can set quantity scales which gives more flexibility than quality scales.

2. For criteria that could be unevaluated, make them optional and leave them blank (don't evaluate). You also have the option to do a user defined calculation. (we are not using this functionality). We will create maybe more than 50 models to avoid criteria being not applicable.

1. Thank you - I found it. I thought this has to be done in scales definition, not in criteria definition. In this case the standard average calculation is still calculated according the scales which is not what I expected. We will probably have to use customer defined calculation as well.

2. If I make fields optional it will allow managers to complete appraisals without evaluation - isn't it?
User defined calculation seems to me as a better option although I hoped I could pass without additional ABAP.
I don't think that creating of multiple models would be a solution for us.
Main appraisal model in our case is a template for objective settings process:
 - 5 categories for individual goals.
 - for each category manager is allowed to set optionally from 1 to 6 individual goals for later appraisal
 - some categories could be omitted
 - and there is a General rating category above all
Appraisal process is nice peace of art here and actually I am not sure if it is going to be used on SAP before implementation of MBO ( Management by Objectives functionality) - have you been able to see it anywhere? I saw a white paper about it but I would like to test it to see if it could help us in our implementation. Individual objective setting in standard Appraisal on
R/3 allows only 40 characters long goal name (and the additional note) to be used and my clients are not so satisfied with it.
Thank you for your help.

1. I heard that the full MBO functionality will be available in Enterprise R/3.

2. When you say you are using 5 categories and up to 6 goals in each category, does this mean you will have up to 30 goals.     Are you setting these goals as separate  or are you just setting up one criteria called "Individual Goals" and repeating this 30 x? What type of scale are you using to evaluate these individual goals. I am assuming you are using criteria as appraisal elements.  Or are you using free format, so that Managers can set up any type of goal. But then the question is how do you
report on them ?


3. Have you considered using the Individual Development Plan functionality.
Since we don't have Training & Events at this stage, we will consider this in the next phase.

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