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Deduction Arrears Recovery

Question :

I'm trying to set up arrears recovery in 4.6c and have it working except for one thing.  SAP requires that the balance wage type be linked to the deduction via link type 10 in table T51P1.  This causes the balance wage type to appear in infotype 0015 after the deduction is entered in infotype 0014.  The problem is that for arrears recovery the recovery, not the balance, wage type has to be put into infotype 0015.  This requires the user to change the wage type which is not a good thing.   How can I get infotype 0015 to default to the recovery wage type instead of the balance wage type?

Answer :

try this
define wage type char as deduction type,for this go to img,payroll-usa-basic settings-environment for maintaing wage type-chekc wage type attributes.
select dedution wage type and click on detail.
check deduction wage type box and the check add to total box.

Import Payroll result from non-SAP system

Question :

Can anybody tell me how Import payroll result from non-SAP system.  I'm implementing PY-US SAP 4.7, need upload tax results on SAP.

Thanks in anticipation

Answer :

You can run payroll for importing payroll data from your opld legacy system onto your r/3 system.

The procedure is as follows:

1.Upload all your payroll results into your transparent table T588A against the wage types (corresponding hed codes from your legacy system) for correspoding months.

2. Now, run payroll using schema ULK0 in your SAP system.

When you use this schema and run payroll, system takes on all the data that is available in T588a (i am not sure whether it is T558A or T588A Please check at your end).

(I have suggested the above assuming that, you are implementing the SAP for the first time and you want to take on some data from the legacy system.)

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