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SAP MM (Material Management) Hints and Tips

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Useful MM tips to help those supporting the SAP MM modules.  The Materials Management (MM) module is fully integrated with the other modules of the SAP System. It supports all the phases of materials management: materials planning and control, purchasing, goods receiving, inventory management, and invoice verification.

Table of Contents
Material Master
Plant Maintain
Material Master - Introduction
Maintain the Material Type
Screens in Material Master
Block materials from inventory posting
Create Delivery Log - Material xxx is blocked
Maintain Storage Location
Block Storage Location from further posting
Accounting document number range for MM
Valuation Class for Material Group
G/L Accounts in MM Account Determination
Compare fields status for movement types against General Ledger
Material Master Value Defaults

Inventory Management
System Messages - M7 - Inventory Management and Physical Inventory
Inventory Posting
Copy, Change Movement Types
Inter Plant Purchasing (Plant A buys from Plant B)
Moving Average Price
Prevent Inventory Back Posting to Previous period
Re-open Period closing
MMBE - Check the stock at the various storage location
Fields selection for MB51 - RM07DOCS
Materials provided by customers

Physical Inventory
Transfer PDC Data
Reset Set Zero Count

ABAP Reports
Mass Select and Print Material Master Changed History
Create Reservation with authorization checks for Ext. Material Group