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SAP Functional, Basis Components, and ABAP Programming Books

Plant Maintain

Plant 0001 is the SAP default.

OX14 - Define Valuation Area (Tick one only- Once your system go live, no more changes)
             Most company take the SAP recommended choice - Value Material Stock at Plant level
             Value Material Stock at Plant or Company Level

OX10 - Create / Change / View Plants

OVXB - Create / Change / View Division

OX18 - Assign Plant to company code
              e.g.       0001 - 0001 - All Plants
                                      Px1   - Plant Px1
                                      Px2   - Plant Px2
OX19 - Assignment of company code to the Controlling Area

OB38 - Assign company code to Credit Control Area

OMJ7 - Assign business area to Plant/Valuation area and division
             e.g. Plant Px1 - Business Area Bx1
             Assign Valuation area to the Business Area
             .e.g. Valuation area Vx1 - Business Area Bx1
                                                     Business Area Bx2

OMS0 - Assign Factory Calendar to the Plant and Business Area

The plant plays an important role in the following areas:

If you want to use the application PP (production planning) or product costing and job-order costing, you must set valuation at plant level.

The valuation level that you choose affects

Effect on the maintenance of material master records:

Depending on the valuation level chosen,

Effect on G/L accounts:

If material stocks are valuated at company code level, all plant stocks of a material are managed in a joint stock account for each company code.
If material stocks are valuated at plant level, you can manage the material stocks for each plant in different accounts. For each plant, you can define a separate determination.
If several plants are to use account determination, you can group these plants in "Valuation and Account Assignment" Customizing. 100 Hot Books

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