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SAP MM-PUR (Purchasing) Hints and Tips

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SAP Purchasing is a component of Materials Management (MM). The tasks of the MM-PUR (Purchasing) component are for external procurement of materials and services.  Determination of possible sources of supply for a requirement identified by the materials planning and control system or arising directly within a user department.  Monitoring of deliveries from and payments to vendors.

Table of Contents
Purchase Order
Logistics -> Materials Management -> Purchasing  -> Purchase Order -> List Display
Goods Receipts/Invoice Receipts  for Purchase Order
UB - Internal Purchase Order
Vendor Returns Without PO Reference
Subcontracting Processing
Controlling the subcontracting to Vendor (541)
Subsequent Adjustment (121)
Purchasing List for Open Purchase Order, Goods Receipt, Invoices
Purchasing Tax
Force buyers to create Purchase Order with ref. to a Pur. Req., Quotation or Pur. Ord.
Define default values for buyers
Purchase Order Condition
Vendor Discount Condition
Information Structure
Purchase Order Layout Sets, Message Types
User Defaults for Purchase Order
PO Release Strategy
Prompt the last Purchase Order Price for the Material
MIGO_GR Components button

Purchase Order Text
Adopt Purchase Order Header Text
Create a new Purchase Order Document Type

eMail Purchase Order
Send Purchase Order via Output Determination
Send Purchase Order with Microsoft Outlook
Sending mail directly from SAP via Microsoft Exchange

ABAP Update Program for Purchasing
Update Source List by Material Group - MM01
Mass Select Purchase Order and print history