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Configuring the PO Release Strategy


The aim of the sap purchase order release procedure is to replace the manual written authorization procedures.  An electronic signatures is used instead, maintaining the dual control principle.  The person responsible for the processes of the requisition or other purchasing document in the system have to approve by marking an "electronic signature" which can give the document legal force for further processing.

Briefly, this is how the purchase order release strategy works :-

The release code is a two character ID allowing a person to release (clear, or approve) a requisition or an external purchasing document. The release codes is basically controlled via a system of authorizations (authorization object M_EINK_FRG).

Use SE12, structure CEKKO to check all the fields available for controlling the Purchase Order.

An example of configuring a Purchase Order Release Strategy :-

If the total value for the Purchase Order exceeds 10,000, release strategy 01 is assigned to the Purchase Order.  There is only one characteristic created in this example.  For controlling the Purchase Order type, create characteristic for CEKKO-BSTYP and the value NB.

Steps for configuring the PO release strategy :-
  1. Create the PO Characteristic
  2. Create the Class of the PO Release Strategy
  3. Define the Release Procedure
  4. Check your PO release configuration

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