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SAP Functional, Basis Components, and ABAP Programming Books

Send SAP Purchase Order with Microsoft Outlook

This is how it work:-

Install the SAP setup program on the SAP Presentation CD-ROM under \GUI\WINDOWS\WIN32
Execute the SAPsetup program and choose the Desktop Interfaces.
Then choose the SAP MAPI Service Provider (select Change Options to display the selection)

Once the SAP MAPI is installed.  You can create your logon profile for SAPoffice.
Go into your Control Panel of your windows.
Select the Mail option from the Control Panel to call the MAPI profile manager.
Choose Add to call up the new logon profile setup wizard
Select Add from the Services and select the SAP MAPI Service Provider
Type in the required R/3 information (client, sap user name, password)
The supplied PST file is sapwrk.pst

Now, logon to your Microsoft Outlook and see whether you can access all your SAPoffice folders.

If you send the file using SP01 -> System -> List -> Send, the file will have the extention ALI.  Use the Windows Explorer to default open with the Windows Notepad.

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