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Hi SAP Gurus,

We are an Oil & Gas Company running SAP R/3 4.6B. Modules implemented
include FI/CO/AM/PM/MM/TM. At present we are implementing SAP DMS (Document Management System).

In our Refinery area, our plant operators will like to have access to documents which give them among other things, the operating and maintenance procedures for the various processing units/equipment. Also, included here, will be the operating conditions, startup procedures and shutdown procedures for the various pieces of critical equipment.

The main challenge we are facing is providing a friendly front end from which an end user can navigate (drill down) to the required document. My main question to you Gurus out there is : "What are my options in providing a user-friendly interface to my end users ?" The document referred to here will be, for example, the operating procedure for a processing unit. From
here the user may want go to a system/sub-system within the unit, then to a piece of equipment, then to the operating condition document for that piece of equipment.

Any help/suggestions will be welcomed.



Refer to your query on Document management system. We have implemented DMS(In SAP R/3 4.6 b) in BHEL-Valves plant,Tiruchy,India extensively.

In your case, the Operating procedures can also be addressed in DMS. You need to create a document type and create all the documents in this document type.To facilitate reference of  documents in a structured way, Document structure ( BOM) can be made use of. By this method we can drill down and identify the sub documents. For ex.You need to create documents using CV01N for
1.For the main operating procedures
2.For the sub system 1
3.For the sub system 2
4.For the sub system 3
5.For the sub system 4 and so on.
These sub system documents are to be linked to the main document as a structure by T Code CV11. These can be changed/displayed by T Code CV12 &CV13.

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