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SAP Functional, Basis Components, and ABAP Programming Books

Control Key PM02

Question :

When I create an operation with control key PM02, external process, why I cannot generate a purchase requisition?
Does the requisition screen pop up or not at all?
If it does, are all the fields on the requisition field visible?
The requistion screen was not showed at all. I don't know how to generate the PR with control key PM02.
Is there any confirguation on background?

Answer :

Try settings in T-Code ;OIO7 fields ext processing and Service


- in the control key PM02 that the field External operation has the symbol "+" as in Standard SAP
- in the Tx OIOE, that the link Plant - Order Type has the field "Purchase Requisition" --> Inmediately

Task List Transfer

Question :

When copy task list to order,it should realize according to SAP 's description:"you can make settings in Customizing so that a dialog box appears when you include a task list in an order.

This dialog box enables you to choose operations, change the work center and set execution factors.".But I don't know where to set the customizing.

Answer :

I normally copy all task list data by using Customizing:

--> Maintenance / Service Processing
--> --> Maintenance & Service Orders
--> --> --> Functions & Settings for Order Types
--> --> --> --> Default Values for task Lists Data & Profile Assignment

you could manage this screen for selection

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