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Maintenance Plan - Maintenance Plan Type

Question :

I have created some maintenance plans (IP01). In the initial screen, I wrongly entered Maint. Plan Type field wrongly.
In our company users use IP30, and give their Maintenance Plan Category for generating PM orders.
Because mistake made, the actual user is getting orders generated without his knowledge.
Can any one help me, how to change MaintPlan Type in maintenance plan ?

Answer :

I too had comitted the same crime. I am really sorry to say that once the plan is created you cannot change the category. Well you can do some of the following to have a compromise.

Tcode-spro Plant mainte & custormer service-->Maint plan work center, task list...--->Maintenance

Plans--->Set Maintenanace plan Category

Change the call object for the category you created the maintenance plan. This is only possible if the plan is not scheduled any time by ip10.

By call object you can create mainteance orders/notification/service entry in background as desired. To your problem you can change the call object from m.o. to the required one.

Automatic copy of task list into PM order PM01

Question :

I am trying to creare a PM order (for an Equipment) in which the task list (for that equipment) is automatically copied, like in PP, but I don't know how to do it.
So far I only found that during order creation I can chose:
extras->task list selection->to reference object.
and the task list is copied into the order.

Do you know how and where I can set parameters to have the task list copied automatically (in PP I have transaction OPL8).

Answer :

I'm pretty sure that you can't do this for work orders.

I have limited knowledge of PP but from what I can gather there is a one to one relationship between a material/plant and a routing. The routing can appear on many materials but any given material will only have one routing. This would mean that when a production order is created for the material there can be only one routing defaulted in (hence the option to do so).

With Equipment/Flocs there can be/are multiple tasks lists that apply to that item so defaulting a task list into the order would not be possible.

If this particular task is something that gets done often you could create a maintenance item with that tasklist on it, attach it to a plan and then manually call the plan (IP10) whenever you need an order produced. It's a bit ugly but it will do what you want.

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