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Quotation for Field-Service

Question :

I'm trying to create a Quotation from service order using transaction code DP80! For example, let say I've an internal labor with 1 part. I'll specify this in my service order. I'll use DP80 to create Quotation but the system give me message 'error during material determination for service order xxxxx'. After checking through, i found that the DIP can't process the part specified in the service order. But the funny thing is, the rule in DIP for Quotation is exactly the same like Actual.

Answer :

When you create a quotation with reference to a service order, you should make these settings:

1) in you DIP profile for usage quotation, source should be planned costs - totals records. The reason for this is at the time of quotation creation, you do not have goods issuances and confirmations yet, so you cannot use source actual costs.

2) in the Costing 1 view of your material master record for the parts, you shoud mark the checkboxes "With Qty Structure" and "Material Origin."

All other settings in your dip profile for usage quotation should then be the same as for billing.

Table connection

Question :

I have a small problem regarding goods issue to a SM order. The material number has a serial number and when the goods issue is created SAP also creates an equipment for the material. The problem is that the equipment is created without information about the customer which is assigned to the SM order. We want the customer number transferred into the equipment master data.....

I am trying to find a link from table MSEG (MM) to EQUI (Equipment master data). The only possible entries in the MSEG table I can use are SM order number and document number for the goods issue. In the EQUI table I have material number and the serial number....

Answer :

The connection is:

MSEG->(material doc)SER03->(obj.list)OBJK->(equipment number/material and serial number)EQUI

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