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Operation Selection from Task List

Question :

In IMG>PM and CS>Maint and Service Processing>Maint and Service Orders>Functions and Settings for Order Types>Default Values for Task List Data and Profile Assignment, there is a check box there under Task list data that says "OperSelection." Based on what I have read from the help file,

"If you set this indicator, you have the option of transferring just the operations of the task list, that you require, into the order."

I have already set this indicator but when I select and insert task lists into my order using menu path Extras>Task List Selection>General Task Lists, I do not get the pop up where I can select operations. Hence, all the operations are inserted in the order.

Does anyone know what causes this? it may be some kind of a system bug or I might have missed other indicators that need to be set.

Answer :

When you create order,after initial screen you choose menu : Extras->Settings->Default values.Ini Control tabstrip there are several options for tasklist transfers.You check in "Operation select" check box.  As long as I know this settings will overwrite the settings you've done in IMG.

Archive of SM_QMEL

Question :

I have archived SM notification "300000763" completedly, in archive management, system display the archive sessions " deletion completed,stored and index created". But in table QMEL, the record "300000763" has not been deleted . I display it using tcode IW53, the status is "ARNB CNOK DLID NOCO".

How can I deleted the archived nofications in table? Our system entironment is R3 45B, DB2 UDB 5.2, AIX OS.

We're in 4.6C.We did the archiving of CS notifications by doing :
*Complete the notification
*Execute program RIARCSM3
this will set notification status into : DLFL NOCO
*Execute program RIARCSMV
this will set notification status into : ARNB DLFL NOCO
*Execute program RIARCSMA
this will create archive file
-Generate archive file and Set del.flag for archive file check box must be checked
*Execute program RIARCSMD
this will delete notification number from database.
Even we can not display through tcode IW53.

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