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Class -Characteristics table

Question :

I have made a class of class type 002(equipment class) and have attached 2 characteristics who are indivudually having muliple values.I am now in a problem to find out the table relations where I can find the class-ch. values against each equipment.

Answer :

Try table KSML ... u should find the characteristics of the classes.

Table AUSP contains the values for a charcteristic for an object. There are a couple of others that you may need depending on the type of query you are creating.

- KLAH Class Header Data
- KLAT Classes: Long texts
- KSML Characteristics of a Class
- KSSK Allocation Table: Object to Class
- CABN Characteristic
- CABNT Characteristic Descriptions
- CABNZ Links between Table Fields and Characteristics
- CAWN Characteristic values

Non stock item issued to PM/CS order

Question :

Is it possible to issue a non-stock item to a PM/CS order? I am trying to use a refurbishment order in stead of using a production order to collect cost to a material by settling PM/CS order to material. I can use transaction MB1A to issue stock materials but I also have to create cost on the PM/CS order by "issue-ing" service materials to the order.

Answer :

If you put material for non-stock item, system will create PR.  After you post GR of the PO, the actual cost in your refurbishment order will be updated.This scenario applied for spare part (not a service material) you buy from vendor.For material service,you can put another operation with PM Control Key PM03.Select the operation, click External button then you will see the Service Number (Material type service) you need to put, or just put any text, quantity you required, etc. System will create PR with line item Service.Actual cost of PM/CS order will be updated when doing Service Entry.

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