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SAP PP (Production Planning) Hints and Tips

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Useful PP hints and tips to help those supporting the SAP PP modules.  Production Planning support the planning for the types and quantities of products on demand to assist production.  It includes procurement, warehousing and the transportation of materials and intermediate products from one stage of production to another as well as resource allocation to complete the production process in a timely manner.

Table of Contents
Material BOM
BOM components never explode
BOM Display Changes
Phantom assembly
Work Center (CR01 - Create, CR02 - Change, CR03 - Display)
Additional Activities Type for Work Center
Total Plan Activities in Minutes
To compare multiple BOMs
Long term planning bom selection

CA03 - Display Routing
Operations Overlapping

Production Order
Create New Production Order Type
Search for Open Production Order
COGI - Keep track of all the back flushing failure during production confirmation
Print Shop Papers - Configure new/existing SAP Printers
Control parameters for production order conversion from planned order
Control whether the Production Order operations will be printed
Production Order Status
Change Production Order - CO02
Mass Processing for Production Order
Basic dates history in production order

Planned Order
Mass Delete Planned Order

Capacity Planning
Determine whether Planned / Production Order are included in capacity planning

ABAP Reports for Production Planning
Multi-Level BOM Cost Roll-up
Multi-Level Bom with Location Balance