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SAP Basis Components, Functional and ABAP Programming Books

Phantom assembly

This indicator determines the special procurement type of a material which is either procured externally or produced in-house.
The system determines the special procurement key from the Procurement type and Special procurement fields in the material master record (Detail Screen: MRP 1) and displays the value if the BOM is only allocated to one plant.  Only the values which are relevant to the explosion type are displayed for a BOM item.

This type of assembly is only required for engineering purposes, but it does not occur physically in the course of production. In the planning run, dependent requirements are not created for the header material of the assembly but are transferred immediately to the component materials.  In the standard SAP System, the special procurement key phantom assembly has the value 50.

                              Design                                                    Production
0           Z                      Z

1           B                      C                                      B                           C

2            B1        B2                                                 B1           B2

B   -   In production, to produce Z, you need B1, B2 and C.  You need not produced B as it is a phantom assembly.  e.g. mirror-image parts, the left and right car doors.

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