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SAP Functional, Basis Components, and ABAP Programming Books

Determine whether Planned / Production Order are included in the sap capacity planning

During the sap capacity planning, you can choose whether planned or producton order are consider during capacity planning.

The transaction code used is OPA2 - Selection Profile Name SAPA010.

The Production Order controls whether the production order is included in the capacity planning.  In OPU3 - Specify Scheduling Parameters, if you tick the Generate Capacity Requirements, all production order created with the Order Type will be included in capacity planning.

If the plan order didn't appear in some work center check :-

OPU5 - Scheduling Type - e.g. Backwards - Assign a approciate Scheduling Type
OPPQ - BOM/Routing Selection - e.g. BOM select.ID  01      Rtg select.ID 01

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