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Question : Subject: Long term planning bom selection

HI expert

We do yearly budget with long term planning and we want to use it to transfer PP activity.

In order to do it we do the defination in as following:

1)define the routing selection for long term planning in planned order defination.
2) we define a BOM use costing usage.

After we run MRP in the long term planning screen.
Later we check the planned order and we find the routing selection is right but the bom selection is not right. It is didnot use the cost bom we defined.

Is it because the cost routing didnot related with production in the defination of bom usage defination?

best regards

Answer : Subject: Long term planning bom selection


The causes may be due to many factors...

1. Planning scenario for correct BOM application
2. Check spro for Alternative Determination(under BOM) and Selection ID
3. Order of priority of BOM usage

Answer : Subject: Long term planning bom selection

Define production version for a material with correct routing and BOM mentioned in it.
Attach this prod version to material in MRP3 view.

Also change the BOM selection in MRP3 view to 2 i.e. Selection by production version only.
Now if there are going to be multiple versions for the same material and in LTP you want that to be getting selected automatically, then you can use quota arrangement.

Hope this solves your problem.


Answer : Subject: Long term planning bom selection

Thans for your answer. Yes we can use the solution to solve our problem. But we still have some problem:
1.We use the long term planning for budget use. You know when you do budget you could not finish in a short period and it means it should not effect the actual business. If you change quto when you want to swtich it takes time to do it.

2. You the routing if you use another group counter and when you get the cost run result you could not make analysis base on your solution.

Answer : Subject: Long term planning bom selection

We encountered teh same problem, so we took a copy of the actual production system
towards a budget box; changed all BOM's and routing's for budgetting reasons, run LTP on
this box; if oké copy the new BOM's and routings back to productive system.

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